Willie Geist

Willie Geist Blasts RNC’s ‘Pathetic’ Support of Trump Attack on Adm. McCraven: ‘The Blind Fealty’

Chuck Todd Predicts Political Environment Will Only Get Worse: ‘The President Sets the Tone’

NYT’s Nick Confessore on Morning Joe: Giuliani Just Admitted on National TV Trump’s Story Is Wrong, It’s a Lie

Morning Joe Blasts Sarah Sanders Post-Trump Rally Press Briefing: ‘Pure Conspiracy, Pizzagate Nonsense’

Morning Joe Rips White House Over Doctored Putin Transcripts: They’re Trying to be ‘as Anti-Transparent as Possible’

Morning Joe Rails Against Trump’s ‘Flailing’ Foreign Policy: He’s Adopted Soviet Union Position

Morning Joe Rips Trump’s ‘Shameless’ Walkback: If You Believed Him Yesterday, ‘Kinda Feel Bad For You’

Scarborough: Everyone, ‘Even Donald Trump Supporters’, Know Putin Has Something On Him

Morning Joe on Kavanaugh: This Is Not a Wild, Judge Jeanine Pirro Pick

Morning Joe to Ivanka Trump: If You Actually Care About Kids, Get On a Plane To The Border Right Now

Mika Brzezinski: Is It Okay Now to Say Trump Sounds Like He’s ‘Losing His Mind?’

Morning Joe: Even a Computer Would Conclude Donald Trump Admires Tyrants and Autocrats

Joe Scarborough Mocks ‘Desperate’ Giuliani For Saying He’s Smarter Than MSNBC Host

Morning Joe Suggests Campaign to Smear Ronny Jackson: Could Be ‘Biggest Political Hit Job’ in Years

Morning Joe Derails After Sam Stein Blames Technician For Tardiness: ‘Get Out of Here!’

Howard Dean: ‘My Generation Needs to Get the Hell Out of Politics’

Morning Joe Gets Heated After GOP Rep. Dismisses Tax Bill Question: ‘Let Me Finish!’

FLASHBACK: Watch Matt Lauer Star in a Cringeworthy Skit as a Sexual Harassment Victim

Willie Geist Warns Morning Joe Viewers: Trump at UN Might be ‘Jarring’

Bret Stephens Mocks Don Jr.’s Alibi; Like Saying ‘Called Up My Drug Dealer for Drugs, But He Was Out’

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