Here’s Why ‘President Kamala Harris’ Has Fox News’ Chris Stirewalt Worried


Fox News political editor Chris Stirewalt became the latest network personality to warn against Donald Trump‘s proposed use of a national emergency to fund the border wall, but he did so by raising a chilling specter for Trump fans: President Kamala Harris.

On Thursday morning’s edition of America’s Newsroom, anchor Sandra Smith asked Stirewalt about Trump’s continued insistence that he has the “absolute right” to construct his border wall by invoking emergency powers.

“Lots of things are national emergencies,” Stirewalt said, adding “Highway fatalities are national emergencies, if you define it that way and define what’s killing people, what are our problems, what are the things that are breaking the heart of this great nation, there are lots of things that are emergencies.”

“But the Republican will not let Donald Trump declare a national emergency on this, and violate the article 1 powers of Congress,” he continued. “They are not going to let him do it because they know that if his successor, if President Kamala Harris says ‘You know what? We have a national emergency on gun crime in the United States, So I’m going to start abridging the Second Amendment because I think this is a national emergency, because I have deemed it so’.”

Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) is expected to announce her candidacy for president later this month.

Stirewalt’s comments are similar to those made by Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade over the past few days. Kilmeade raised the prospect of a Democratic president declaring a climate emergence over dead fish and displaced polar bears.

The key difference is that Stirewalt identified that future president by name, which could indicate that Harris’ reportedly imminent entry into the 2020 presidential race is on their minds over at Fox, or that Stirewalt thinks Harris is a particularly frightening example for the Fox News audience for some reason, or both.

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