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Fox News’ Chris Stirewalt Calls the IG Report the ‘Full Ruination of James Comey’: ‘This is Horrible For Him’

Fox News’ Chris Stirewalt Piles on ‘Train Wreck’ Roseanne: Her Whole Public Persona is ‘Being Awful’

Fox’s Chris Stirewalt Says ‘Tribalism’ to Blame for Trump Supporters Backing ‘Venomous Snake’ Roseanne

Fox News’ Stirewalt on Blankenship’s WV Senate Chances: If GOP Could Get Behind an Accused Molester…

Fox News’ Shannon Bream Dings Gov. Cuomo For Saying He’s ‘Undocumented’: I’m ‘Legitimately Confused’

Fox News’s Chris Stirewalt: If You’re Defending Pruitt Amid Ethics Scandal, Then ‘You Are The Swamp’

Fox News’s Chris Stirewalt: If Trump Wants The Russia Probe to End, He Should Sit Down With Mueller

Fox News’s Stirewalt: Republicans Turning FBI’s Strzok Into ‘Smoking Man’ From X-Files

Chris Stirewalt: If Dems Don’t ‘Get Serious’ on Franken/Conyers, They Can’t Say Anything About Roy Moore

Fox News’ Chris Stirewalt: ‘Strong Chance’ Trump Will be Impeached if Dems Take Congress

Fox News Chris Stirewalt: Trump Is ‘A Reality Show Host Who Likes a Cliffhanger’

Fox News Analysis on Loyal Trump Supporters Asks: ‘Would You Even Care If He Was Guilty?’

Fox News’ Chris Stirewalt: Don Jr. Meeting Has Badly Hurt Credibility of Trump Administration

Fox News’ MacCallum: Trump-Morning Joe Story Is ‘Navel-Gazing Egoism at Its Absolute Worst’

‘You Can’t Mute Life’: Outnumbered Guest Bashes Alt-Right ‘Snowflakes’ for Protesting Caesar Play

Fox News’ Chris Stirewalt to Trump Fans: There’s ‘A Line Between Defending Someone and Enabling Them’

Fox’s Chris Stirewalt: ‘Both Major Party Nominees in 2016 Were Under Criminal Investigation’ Before Election

‘It is News’: Fox’s Bret Baier Pushes Back Against Viewers Who Say Russia Stories Are ‘Fake News’

Fox’s Chris Stirewalt: Democrats Need More to Their Opposition Than Just Hating Trump

This is ‘Not How You Start’: Fox’s Stirewalt Slams Spicer Over ‘Crowd Size’ Tear Against Press

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