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Chris Stirewalt: If Dems Don’t ‘Get Serious’ on Franken/Conyers, They Can’t Say Anything About Roy Moore

Fox News’ Chris Stirewalt: ‘Strong Chance’ Trump Will be Impeached if Dems Take Congress

Fox News Chris Stirewalt: Trump Is ‘A Reality Show Host Who Likes a Cliffhanger’

Fox News Analysis on Loyal Trump Supporters Asks: ‘Would You Even Care If He Was Guilty?’

Fox News’ Chris Stirewalt: Don Jr. Meeting Has Badly Hurt Credibility of Trump Administration

Fox News’ MacCallum: Trump-Morning Joe Story Is ‘Navel-Gazing Egoism at Its Absolute Worst’

‘You Can’t Mute Life’: Outnumbered Guest Bashes Alt-Right ‘Snowflakes’ for Protesting Caesar Play

Fox News’ Chris Stirewalt to Trump Fans: There’s ‘A Line Between Defending Someone and Enabling Them’

Fox’s Chris Stirewalt: ‘Both Major Party Nominees in 2016 Were Under Criminal Investigation’ Before Election

‘It is News’: Fox’s Bret Baier Pushes Back Against Viewers Who Say Russia Stories Are ‘Fake News’

Fox’s Chris Stirewalt: Democrats Need More to Their Opposition Than Just Hating Trump

This is ‘Not How You Start’: Fox’s Stirewalt Slams Spicer Over ‘Crowd Size’ Tear Against Press

Fox’s Chris Stirewalt: All the Rioting Will Do Is Get People to Rally Behind Trump

‘That’s Not the Way Journalism Works!’: Fox Host Slams Buzzfeed For Posting Alleged Russian Info

Fox Anchor: The Media Covers White Nationalists But Not ‘Progressive Extremists’

Megyn Kelly Calls Covering Powell Emails ‘Dining on the Carcass of the Man’s Dead Privacy Rights’

Fox News Announces New Politics Show Co-Hosted by Perino, Chris Stirewalt

‘Embrace the Weird’ — Fox Editor Says Trump Should Pick His Own Daughter As VP

Fox’s Howard Kurtz: Huckabee’s Farewell ‘Kind of Like an Infomercial’

Megyn Kelly, Panel Pile on Slashed Military Benefits: Does Obama ‘Give a Damn’ About the Troops?

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