Fox News’ Chris Wallace Takes Rudy Giuliani Apart: ‘I’m Asking You for the Truth, Sir’


On Fox News Sunday, anchor Chris Wallace and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani had a real “A Few Good Men” moment amid a very contentious and active interview when Wallace explained he wanted the truth to Giuliani.

In the lengthy interview there was a lot to analyze. The clip above starts with Wallace asking Giuliani about Donald Trump‘s former personal attorney Michael Cohen and the payments to keep women quiet.

“Question: Did Mr. Trump direct Michael Cohen to pay these two women off or not?” That question leads the clip and it remained the point and question throughout the rest of the lawyer-ing. After some initial waffling from Giuliani, for example Wallace pulls back to the original point for the first of many times.

“Let’s get to the simple fact question of whether the President directed Cohen to make these payments or not,” he said.

After a second clip of Cohen calling Trump a lawyer, Wallace asked “does the president tell the truth or not?”

“The president is telling the truth, yes,” said Giuliani.

It went on back and forth, animated, with a lot of over-talking, and leaving open the question of which of the two is really the lawyer, with Wallace’s interview bordering on a prosecutor with a hostile witness on the stand. Not far from the reality. Giuliani said the president was telling the truth, but Wallace showed clips of Trump statements and Cohen’s tapes of his conversation with Trump about the payments.

“So which is it? Did the president know about the hush money payments or not?” Wallace said again.

Giuliani tries to play the dates game, Wallace has the correct dates, more evidence. Eventually Giuliani resorted to the argument “whether it happened or didn’t happen, it’s not illegal.”

“You’re moving shells around on me, said Wallace. Either it happened it or didn’t happen.

“That’s what lawyers do all the time,” said Giuliani.

“I’m asking you for the truth, sir,” said Tom Cruise to Jack Nichols… err, Wallace to Giuliani.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of FOX News.

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