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Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani: Jeff Sessions ‘Made the Right Decision’ in Recusing Himself

Rudy Giuliani for Attorney General? Trump Reportedly Considering Ex-NYC Mayor

Rudy Giuliani Suggests U.S. Has Already ‘Taken Action’ Against Cyberattackers

Did Jeffrey Lord Really Just Blame 9/11 on Rudy Giuliani to Defend Trump Tweets? Yes, It Appears So

Surrogates Learn The Steep Price of Lying for Trump

James Comey Promises ‘Severe Consequences’ for FBI Officials Found Communicating With Rudy Giuliani

‘Where’s Rudy?’: Trump Doesn’t Appear to Realize That Giuliani’s Sitting Right Across From Him

Peter King Clarifies His Involvement in Muslim Ban Talks: ‘Rudy Is Confusing Two Different Meetings’

Giuliani: After Trump Announced Muslim Ban, He Asked Me for Right Way to Do It Legally

‘That’s Locker Room Talk’: Rudy Giuliani Tosses Out 9/11 Sex Joke at Pre-Inauguration Lunch

Michael Eric Dyson Compares Police to ISIS: Black People Were Terrorized ‘Long Before 9/11’

Trump Transition Team Taps Rudy Giuliani to Head Up Cybersecurity Efforts

FLASHBACK: Trump Awkwardly Sings ‘Green Acres’ at the Emmys… in Denim Overalls

Giuliani on Whether Romney Should Be in Cabinet: You Want Team of Rivals, Not ‘Enemies’

Wolf Blitzer: Did Trump Team Come Up With a ‘Face-Saving Way’ For Giuliani to ‘Go Away’?

MSNBC’s Ari Melber: Is Trump ‘Using People When it’s Convenient and Then Discarding Them?’

Giuliani Speaks Out After Withdrawing from Sec. of State List, Slams Romney and Praises Bolton

Giuliani Withdrew His Name from Consideration for Sec. of State

Scarborough: Picking Giuliani for Secretary of State Would be ‘Disastrous’ for Trump

Scarborough Praises Giuliani, Conway After Criticism: I Just Question ‘Lack of Discretion’

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