Rudy Giuliani

Giuliani Reacts to Statement from Mueller’s Office: The Press’ ‘Hysterical Desire to Destroy’ Trump Has Gone Too Far

Rudy Giuliani: ‘Categorically False’ that the ‘President Counseled Michael Cohen to Lie’

Colbert: Giuliani’s Collusion Remarks So Shocking ‘He Shocked Himself’

Rudy Giuliani Dismisses Explosive Buzzfeed Report

Trevor Noah Roasts Giuliani’s CNN Interview: No Collusion Between His ‘Brain and His Mouth’

Fox News Busts Giuliani For Claim He Never Said There Was No Collusion Between Trump Campaign and Russia

Fox News’ Outnumbered Baffled By Giuliani’s ‘Collusion’ Claim: ‘Why Did You Speak?’

The View Takes on Giuliani’s ‘Never Said No Collusion’ Remarks: ‘Sad’ He’s Lost So Much Credibility

Giuliani Claims He’s Been ‘Misinterpreted’ Over His ‘Never Said No Collusion’ Comments

WRONG! Giuliani Falsely Claims FISA Application Concealed Steele Dossier Was Oppo Research

So, Unless Giuliani Is Insane, He Apparently Just Admitted the Trump Campaign Colluded With Russia

Here’s How Fox & Friends Covered Giuliani’s ‘I Never Said There Was No Collusion’ Bombshell

Joe Lockhart: ‘Rudy Giuliani’s Number One Job is to Confuse People’

Joe Scarborough: Rudy Giuliani Just Told America That Trump’s Campaign Colluded With Russia

CNN’s Don Lemon: Rudy ‘Out-Giulianied’ Himself Tonight

WATCH: CNN’s Cuomo and Giuliani Battle It Out in Off the Rails Shoutfest

GIULIANI: ‘I Never Said There Was No Collusion’ Between Trump Campaign and Russia

AG Nominee Barr Rejects Giuliani’s Demand to ‘Correct’ Final Mueller Report: ‘That Will Not Happen’

Giuliani: Trump’s Team Should be Allowed to ‘Correct’ Mueller Before He Releases Final Report

Hakeem Jeffries: Rudy Giuliani ‘Was a Failed Mayor’ Then, And a ‘Failed Lawyer’ Now

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