Rudy Giuliani

Giuliani Apparently Dropped a Massive Amount of Cash on Travel, Cigars and Fountain Pens This Year

Rudy Giuliani: Democrats Are Engaging in ‘Racial Stereotyping’ Against White Women

Rudy Giuliani Touts Call to Freeze Assets of ‘Anti-Christ’ George Soros

Haley Dismisses Giuliani’s Remarks on ‘Overthrow’ in Iran: ‘We’re Not Looking to Do Regime Change’

Rudy Giuliani Swipes at Mueller and the ‘Biased’ Media Over Manafort Deal

Alan Dershowitz: Manafort Taking Deal Was ‘Very Bad Day for the Trump Administration’

Former Trump Lawyer: Giuliani Made ‘Cardinal Mistake’ by First Praising Then Condemning Cohen

White House, Rudy Giuliani React to Manafort Plea Deal: Absolutely ‘Nothing to Do’ With Trump

Joe Scarborough: House GOP Aren’t Just Dupes for Trump, They’re Dupes for Putin

Stormy Daniels Lights Up Rudy Giuliani on The View: He Looks Like Mr. Toad

Rudy Giuliani Relives Harrowing Timeline of 9/11 for Fox & Friends

Giuliani Says Trump Will Not Answer Questions About Obstruction: It’s a ‘No-Go’

Rudy Giuliani Blasts NYT Over Possibly ‘Orchestrated’ Anonymous Op-Ed: ‘How Much is the Times Complicit?’

Giuliani Rails Against Woodward’s ‘Totally False’ Claims: He’s ‘A Genius at Knowing How to Sell Books’

Giuliani Says Woodward Should Release Tapes: ‘Let’s See What He Has’

Giuliani on Woodward Book Excerpts: Why Don’t WH Staffers Trashing Trump ‘Go Get Another Job’?

Rudy Giuliani Says He’s ‘Sure’ Trump Will Try to Block Public Release of Mueller’s Final Report

Giuliani Says He’s Preparing Rebuttal of Possible Mueller Findings

Giuliani: If Trump Fires Sessions, He’ll Wait Until ‘After the Investigation Is Concluded’

Giuliani Tweets Message to Mueller That He Must Issue ‘Report on Collusion and Obstruction’ Soon

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