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Avenatti Attempts to Revive Stormy Daniel’s Suit: Trump and Giuliani ‘Shot Themselves in the Foot’

Trump Lawyer Rudy Giuliani Says He Hasn’t Spoken to Trump in Weeks

After Saying Trump Shouldn’t Do Mueller Interview, Giuliani Changes His Mind

Giuliani Opposed to Letting Trump Speak With Mueller: He Could ‘Talk Himself Into Becoming a Target’

US Official to Reuters: Rudy Giuliani ‘Entirely Made Up’ Claim That Mueller Set Deadline to End Probe

Giuliani Says Mueller Plans to Wrap Up Obstruction Probe by Sept. 1

Avenatti Fires Back at Michael Cohen Attorneys for Court Filing Saying He’s Created ‘Carnival Atmosphere’

Trump Continues Pushing Claim of an FBI Spy in His Campaign: ‘If True – All Time Biggest Political Scandal!’

6 Craziest Moments From Giuliani’s Marathon CNN Battle With Chris Cuomo

Michael Avenatti Absolutely Buries Giuliani Following ‘Train Wreck’ Interview: You are a ‘Never Ending Joke’

Twitter Skewers Rudy Giuliani After Wild Interview With Chris Cuomo: ‘One Heck of a Sh*tshow’

Giuliani Throws Jeff Sessions Under the Bus: ‘If I Were Attorney General’ I Would Kill Mueller Probe

Cuomo Grills Giuliani on Trump’s Claims of Campaign Spy in Marathon Showdown: Giuliani Admits ‘I Don’t Know’

Giuliani Claims Mueller Has Agreed to Limit Scope of Trump Interview Questions to Prevent ‘Fishing’ Expedition

Former FBI Assistant Director: Giuliani Harms Trump ‘Virtually Every Time He’s Gone on Air’

Giuliani ‘Shocked’ By Alleged FBI ‘Spy’ on Trump Campaign: We Could ‘Challenge the Legitimacy of the Entire Investigation’

Rudy Giuliani: Trump Didn’t Collude With Russia Because Campaign Never Used Dirt on Clinton

Rudy Giuliani Fires Back at Michael Avenatti: ‘He’s a Make-Believe Lawyer’ And He ‘Means Nothing to Us’

Giuliani Insists Firing Mueller Not Trump’s ‘Plan B or Plan C’ Even if Probe Doesn’t Wrap Up

Giuliani Claims Mueller’s Team Said They Can’t Indict a Sitting President

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