Fox News Sunday

After Mosque Shootings Chris Wallace Nails Mulvaney Over Trump’s Anti-Muslim Hate, Brings Receipts

Bret Baier Blames ‘Fox Derangement Syndrome’ for DNC’s Ban of Fox News From Debates

Chris Wallace Notes His Own Panel on DNC’s Fox Ban is Loaded With Fox/Murdoch People

Bolton Says Kim Jong Un ‘Walked Away From’ Trump Offer at Hanoi Summit

Chris Wallace Confronts Pompeo Over Trump Falling ‘In Love’ with Kim Jong Un: Why’d He Say That?

Pompeo on ‘ISIS Bride’ Hoda Muthana: ‘She’s Not a U.S. Citizen, She’s Not Coming Back’

Stephen Miller Stumped By Wallace’s Barrage of Border Facts: ‘You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know’

Mulvaney Hopes to Know Who Leaked Trump’s ‘Executive Time’ Schedule By End of Week

Fox News’ Chris Wallace Gets Mick Mulvaney to Admit Trump Immigration ‘Hypocrisy’ is a ‘Fair Question’

Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney Claims Trump Caved Because He Was ‘Winning the Battle’

Chris Wallace Calls Out Pence for Saying ‘ISIS is Defeated’ Hours After Attack: ‘You Were Briefed’ Before Statement

Lindsey Graham Finds it ‘Astonishing’ Trump Investigated as Russian Agent: ‘How Could the FBI Do That?’

Trump Has Stopped Talking About Terror at the Border. All It Took Was Chris Wallace to Demolish Sarah Sanders on Live Television

Sarah Sanders tells Chris Wallace People ‘Misunderstand’ Trump: He’s ‘Not Fighting for the Wall’

Mick Mulvaney Says Gov’t Shutdown Could Last to 2019: ‘Very Possible’ Could Go ‘Into the New Congress’

‘Over My Dead Body’: Giuliani Won’t Let Trump Talk to Mueller

Fox News’ Chris Wallace Takes Rudy Giuliani Apart: ‘I’m Asking You for the Truth, Sir’

William McRaven Fires Back at Trump: I Admire Presidents ‘Who Uphold the Dignity of the Office’

Wallace Grills Trump on ‘Enemy of the People’ Press Attacks, Rejects Excluding Fox: ‘We’re in Solidarity, Sir’

Trump Says Maybe to Punish Jim Acosta They’ll Turn Off Cameras Facing Reporters: But ‘I’ll Probably Be Sued for That’

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