Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld: Calling U.S. Airlift from Afghanistan a Success Is ‘Polishing a Turd’


Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld said on The Five Monday that calling the military operation to evacuate people from Afghanistan a success would be “polishing a turd.”

As Trey Yingst reported from Qatar on how there are still Americans and Afghan allies in need of evacuation, Gutfeld said, “This was not a successful airlift. I’m sorry. It wasn’t.”

Geraldo Rivera brought up the evacuation of over 100,000 people from Kabul in the past two weeks.

“This is the worst military operation I’ve ever seen,” Gutfeld continued. “And it had nothing to do with the military. It had to do with a government that let them down. We are the greatest military on Earth, and we have to rely on the Taliban. Just putting that sentence together makes you sad.”

“We lost the war, dude,” Rivera remarked.

“I know we did,” Gutfeld said, adding that he’s happy the U.S. is withdrawing.

However, he added, “We cannot forget how awful this was, and how it let down a lot of people.”

“There are a lot of veterans who are looking at this and they’re sick to their stomach. I think the idea of saying ‘how successful this is,’ we’re polishing a turd.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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