Jake Tapper to Donate 100% of Film Advance to Veterans Charities

Former TV Reporter Killed in Afghanistan Hotel Siege

EXCLUSIVE: Erik Prince Lashes Out at ‘So-Called Journalists’ Criticizing his NYT Op-Ed

Tillerson Hits Back at Gorka’s Criticism of Trump Afghanistan Speech: Shows ‘Lack of Understanding’

Trevor Noah on Afghanistan Speech: ‘Trump’s a Problem Solver The Same Way Godzilla is a City Planner’

McMaster Reportedly Showed Trump Pics of Women in Miniskirts to Show a Westernized Afghanistan

Laura Ingraham Pans Trump’s Afghan Plan: ‘Drain the Swamp not Clear the Desert’

Cuomo Grills Nikki Haley on Afghanistan Flip-Flop: Trump Would’ve Hated That Speech in 2016

The Five Explodes After Juan Williams Accuses Trump of Using Military ‘To Get Out’ of Charlottesville ‘Hole’

Fox News’ Ed Henry Praises Trump’s ‘Leadership’: ‘He Stepped Up To the Plate Tonight’

CNN’s Zakaria on Trump Afghanistan Speech: ‘Where Is Steve Bannon When You Need Him?’

Martha MacCallum on Trump Speech: This Was ‘A Very Trumpian Version of The War on Afghanistan’

Paul Ryan Praises Afghanistan Speech: I Heard a New Trump ‘Doctrine’ Tonight

President Trump: Terrorists Are Nothing But Thugs, Criminals, Predators, ‘And, That’s Right- Losers’

Democratic Rep.: We’ve Spent Billions in Afghanistan With Nothing to Show for It

Anderson Cooper: Trump Afghanistan Speech May End Up Being a Blow to Bannon Foreign Policy

WATCH: President Trump Addresses the Nation on ‘Path Forward’ in Afghanistan War LIVE STREAM

‘Trump Confidant’ Tells WaPo the President Only Has ‘Patience for a Half Page’ of Foreign Policy

Russia is Now Apparently Arming the Taliban

WikiLeaks: ISIS Tunnels Blown Up By MOAB Were Built By CIA

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