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The Five Gushes Over Fake News Awards: ‘Like the Oscars, Without the Molesters’

Juan Williams Battles Co-Hosts Over Trump: He Deserves ’Lifetime Achievement Award for Fake News’

Jesse Watters Knocks Media Reaction to Trump’s Health: Sounded ‘Disappointed’

Watters and Gutfeld Blast Pelosi Over ‘Five White Guys’ Remark: Dems ‘Allowed to be Racist’

Juan Williams Battles Fox Co-Hosts: Trump Finds ‘Political Value’ in Going After People of Color

Jesse Watters: Hillary Clinton Reminds Me ‘Of a Corrupt Dictator’

Jesse Watters on Roy Moore: ‘I Don’t See How He Can Represent Alabama in the U.S. Senate’

Fox News Criticizes Hillary Clinton for Blaming Fox News for Covering Hillary Clinton

Jesse Watters: ‘You Know When a Scandal Is Real When the Left Blames Fox News’

The Five’s Juan Williams Reminds Hannity He’s Not on His Own Show: ‘It’s Not Your Monologue!’

Greg Gutfeld Tears Into Jeff Flake for Anti-Trump Speech: ‘Screw You!’

Jesse Watters: The Media Assumes Trump is ‘Either Evil, Dumb, or Lying’

Jesse Watters Reads Text Sent Mid-Show From His Mom: ‘WHAT R U TALKING ABOUT!!!!???’

After One Night of New Lineup, Fox News Boasts Dominant Ratings Win Over MSNBC

Dana Perino: Paul Manafort is ‘Staring Down the Barrel of a Gun’

Jesse Watters on Trump-Bashing Emmys: Hollywood May Be ‘Setting Up a Reelection Victory’

Jesse Watters on Bourdain’s Poisoning Trump Joke: Wanting to Hurt POTUS Is a ‘Job Requirement’ at CNN

Fox News’ Jesse Watters Lumps Together Joy Reid, CNN and ISIS: ‘Not Good Things to Be in The Trump Era’

‘You Look Really Stupid There’: Greg Gutfeld Mocks CNN’s Acosta for Connecting Irma to Climate Change

‘We Are Truly Heartbroken’: The Five Pays an Emotional Tribute to Eric Bolling’s Son

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