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Dana Perino: Trump Campaign ‘Got Their Money’s Worth’ Because CNN Didn’t Air Their Ad

Jesse Watters Slams Dan Rather for Praising Leaks: He ‘Was Fake News Before There Was Fake News’

Fox News’ Richard Fowler Slams ‘Racist’ Bill Maher For Mocking 9-Year-Old Trump Fan: ‘He’s Evil’

Gutfeld: Leakers May Be ‘Building Sympathy’ for Trump by Trying to Undermine His Presidency

Greg Gutfeld Ridicules ‘Morning Joe Sickness’ With Medical Advertisement Parody

Gutfeld: ‘I’ll Take The Liar’ If I Must Have a POTUS Who Lies About Boy Scouts But Destroys ISIS

Greg Gutfeld Blasts Sanctuary Cities: ‘It Gives Rapists Space to Rape’

Fox’s Gutfeld: If Trump’s So Evil, Why Do Critics Need to ‘Make Up Evil Stuff About Him’?

Jesse Watters Defends Don Jr. on Collusion Charge: ‘Democrats Are Trying to Criminalize Winning’

Women’s March Gets Ripped on Twitter for Celebrating Cop Killer’s Birthday

Reebok Mocks Trump For His Comments to Brigitte Macron, Twitter Mocks Reebok In Return

Greg Gutfeld Wears CNN Logo On His Head During The Five Intro

Fox’s Gutfeld Urges Media to Stop Calling G20 “Criminals” Who Set Fires, ‘Protesters’

Gutfeld Slams ‘Dirtbag’ Bill de Blasio For Joining Protests in Germany: ‘What A Horrible Little Man-Child’

Fox News Devotes a Whole Evening’s Worth of Programming to Whining About CNN…Again

Jesse Watters: ‘Trump Thinks Stuffing CNN in a Locker is Useful to His Longterm Agenda’

Greg Gutfeld Rips CNN’s ‘Hairless Hall Monitor’ Brian Stelter: ‘Lighten Up, Francis’

Greg Gutfeld: Morning Joe’s ‘A Bunch of Hypocritical Drama Queens’

Jesse Watters: The Left ‘Responded More Passionately to a Trump Tweet Than an ISIS Attack’

‘Get A Room!’ The Five Mocks Media’s Praise of Brian Karem After His Spat With Huckabee Sanders

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