Fox News Guest Hails Melania For Wearing ‘I Don’t Care’ Jacket: She’s ‘Going After the Mainstream Media’


A Fox News contributor hailed First Lady Melania Trump for wearing a jacket en route to visit a child migrant detention center that said “I Really Don’t Care” on the back.

It was a (remarkably) dumb fashion choice for such an occasion, and it’s unclear how the Zara jacket passed through enough of the first lady’s aides to get captured by photographers.

“That jacket had a lot of people wondering — do you really not care about the kids?” Neil Cavuto asked on Fox News, before turning to his guests. “What did you make of the fuss over it?”

Cavuto’s expert panel went at it, kicking off with resident liberal Cathy Areu, who bizarrely declared the jacket was a deliberate “statement” for her trip.

That drew outrage from Harlan Hill, an alleged former Bernie Bro who made the nonsensical jump to pro-Trump commentator when Sanders’ presidential bid failed.

“That is absurd!” Hill cried.

Cavuto suggested that while the jacket was likely not about the migrant children, it could have been in service of a broader message.

Fox News contributor Deneen Borelli then jumped in with the dumbest take of all.

“I think she’s going after the mainstream media,” Borelli said. “The Trumps can’t do anything right, no matter what the situation is.”

“If anything, she’s pushing back on the media that will not report the progress that this president is making,” Borelli added.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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