Fox News Reporter: Military Leaders Rolled Their Eyes at Parade Idea, Thought It ‘Was a Joke’


President Donald Trump‘s call for a military parade has been met with skepticism and even incredulity, according to Fox News’ National Security Correspondent Jennifer Griffin.

Griffin told The Daily Briefing‘s Dana Perino that most military personnel “thought [the parade] was a joke at first.”

“I would describe it, Dana, as a collective eye roll from military leaders who I have spoken to,” Griffin said. “Many fear that the U.S. will look like the dictators they scoff at around the world.”

She pointed to examples of military might displays in authoritarian regimes that are engineered to distract citizens from economic hardships and the desire to rebel.

“North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un plans a military parade through the capital tomorrow, in fact, to prop up his authoritarian regime,” she added.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis confirmed in a White House press briefing Wednesday that the Pentagon was indeed exploring options for a parade but that it was in the very early stages of conception.

President Trump reportedly conceived of the idea of a military parade when he visited France for Bastille Day last year. Since then, he has repeatedly wondered why the U.S. does not regularly have a similar display; the last one was in 1991, after the first Gulf War.

“One reason is the cost,” Griffin explained. “Such a parade would cost millions and divert equipment from other missions and the tank treads would tear up the capital’s roads.”

“Drivers won’t like that,” Perino quipped. “They’ll be calling the mayor and complaining.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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