Dana Perino

Dana Perino: Paul Manafort is ‘Staring Down the Barrel of a Gun’

‘We Are Truly Heartbroken’: The Five Pays an Emotional Tribute to Eric Bolling’s Son

Fox News’ Lisa Boothe Rips Trump: Not The Art of the Deal, It Was The Art of the Giveaway

‘I Kinda Admire It’: The Five Praises Trump’s ‘News Dump’ During Hurricane Harvey

Dana Perino: Trump Campaign ‘Got Their Money’s Worth’ Because CNN Didn’t Air Their Ad

Dana Perino: Jeff Sessions Could End Up at DHS Now That Gen. Kelly’s in the White House

Fox News’ Ed Henry Questions the Wisdom of Trump Criticizing His Own AG Jeff Sessions

‘Shame on You!’ Ben Shapiro, Muslim Activist Get Heated Over Linda Sarsour’s Use of the Word ‘Jihad’

Mark Penn Gets Rebuffed on Fox News for Op-Ed Suggesting Dems Move ‘Back to Center’: ‘It’s Not the 1990s’

Jason Chaffetz Slams GOP For Inaction on Health Care: ‘We’ve Been Talking About it For Seven Years’

Jesse Watters: The Left ‘Responded More Passionately to a Trump Tweet Than an ISIS Attack’

‘Get A Room!’ The Five Mocks Media’s Praise of Brian Karem After His Spat With Huckabee Sanders

‘But It’s So Juicy!’ Jesse Watters Pushes a Bit of ‘Fake News,’ Gets Mocked By The Five Co-Hosts

‘How Demeaning Is That?’ Jesse Watters Slams Joy Reid for Referring to Cop Who Saved Scalise as ‘The Black Lesbian’

Greg Gutfeld: Shooter Was ‘Essentially Radicalized by the Left-Wing Media’

Dana Perino Rips Rosie O’Donnell for Donating $1000 to NSA Leaker: ‘It’s Terrible!’

Dana Perino on Kathy Griffin’s Beheading Apology: ‘It’s All Contrived…She’s a Total Wimp’

How Did the First Night of an O’Reilly-Less Factor Do in the Ratings?

‘We Wish Him The Very Best’: The Factor — and Fox News — Bid Farewell To Bill O’Reilly

The Factor Cuts ‘O’Reilly’ From Title Graphic; Dana Perino Opens With Statement

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