Fox’s Chris Wallace Systematically Picks Apart Trump’s Syria Gambit: Is This a Ceasefire or a Surrender?


Fox News anchor Chris Wallace offered insight into the reported “broken ceasefire” in northern Syria between Turkish military forces and Kurds that have long been allied with the U.S. military.

Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo were dispatched to Ankara, Turkey on Thursday and came out of nine hours of ceasefire negotiations designed to stop the reported brutal bloodshed that has come from President Donald Trump’s unilateral decision to withdraw U.S. military aid to the Kurds.

While Pence claimed a geopolitical victory, Turkish officials told a dramatically different story, and on Friday morning, Fox News reported that there was no end to military acts, with reporter Griff Jenkins even calling it a “broken ceasefire.”

Wallace’s clear-eyed and dispassionate analysis has become something of an anomaly on Fox News, as fewer and fewer on-air personalities seem willing to offer any criticism of the Trump administration as it careens from crisis to crisis.

Wallace opened with “seems to me the bigger question is this a cease-fire, or a surrender that has been negotiated by the U.S. ?”

He then explained that “under the terms of this deal, even if the deal holds, all of those Kurds would have to pull back from” an area they have lived for hundreds of years. “Where would they go? How would they live? All of that is unstated. So that’s one of the reasons that you hear that the head of the Kurdish forces who are our allies in the fight against ISIS is talking about a retreat as a tactical maneuver but not a permanent maneuver.”

He then listed a litany of unanswered questions brought up by this recent shift in American foreign policy.

“Is it going to hold and work? For how long will it hold? And what happens to the region when you take an area 280 miles wide, 20 miles deep and say the people living there for generations have to leave? Is the Syrian army going to agree to that? The Assad forces? Their backers in Iran and Russia? What happens to ISIS?” he asked rhetorically.

He finished with “there are more questions than answers after this cease-fire has been agreed to.”

Watch above via Fox news.

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