Holocaust Museum Pulls Syrian Genocide Study After Backlash For Absolving Obama’s Inaction

Seb Gorka Urges Tapper to Move On From Russian Meddling: ‘People Are Dying in Syria’

WH Warns of ‘Potential Preparations’ for Chemical Attacks in Syria; Says Assad Will ‘Pay a Heavy Price’

Close Call: Russian Jet Flies Five Feet From American Plane

The Trump Administration Quietly Began Funding Radical Islamic Terrorists in Syria Last Month

State Department: Assad Regime Using Crematorium to Hide Executions in Syria

CNN Airs Graphic Footage of Immediate Aftermath of Chemical Attack in Syria

‘That’s Disgusting’: Ali Velshi Blasts Wilbur Ross For ‘Entertainment’ Remarks on Syria Strike

Commerce Sec. Jokes About News of Syria Strike ‘In Lieu of After-Dinner Entertainment’ at Mar-a-Lago

Syrian Rebels Kill 100 Evacuees With Car Bomb Disguised as Humanitarian Relief

‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’: Fareed Zakaria Responds to Criticism of His Syria Remarks

Reminder: Donald Trump Bragged About Knowing Vladimir Putin Back in 2013

Assad: Chemical Attack Was ‘100 Percent Fabrication … Were They Dead At All?’

Coulter: Trump Voters Didn’t Want More ‘Pointless Wars,’ Assad ‘One of the Better Leaders’ in Region

Russia Vetoes United Nations Condemnation of Syrian Gas Attack

‘Trump Doesn’t Care About Babies of Syria’: Rep. Ted Lieu Mocks WH Refugee Policy

After Syria Attacks Corporate Media Russia Industrial Complex Grinds to a Halt

Xi Was Eating ‘Beautiful Piece of Chocolate Cake’ When Trump Told Him About the Missiles

O’Reilly Guest Bernie Goldberg Calls out ‘Impulsive’ Trump for Hypocrisy on Syria

Trump on Syria: ‘What I Did Should Have Been Done by the Obama Administration’

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