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Exclusive: CNN Journalists Reveal What It Was Like Reporting in Syria After Chemical Attacks

While CNN and MSNBC Obsess Over Stormy Daniels, Fox News Covers a Real Crisis in Syria

Rand Paul Suggests Recent Syrian Chemical Attack Might Be False Flag: ‘Does It Make Any Sense?’

One America News Network Says ‘No Evidence’ of Syrian Chemical Attack After Getting Regime-Led Tour

John Oliver on Trump’s ‘Mission Accomplished’: Why Repeat ‘One of the Most Notorious Political Blunders’?!

Scarborough Mocks Trump’s ‘Mission Accomplished’ Tweet: Should’ve Also Said ‘I Am Not A Crook’

Chris Wallace Grills Nikki Haley on US Rejecting Syrian Refugees: ‘How Do You Justify That?’

French President Macron Says He’s Convinced Trump to ‘Stay in Syria Long-Term’

Sarah Sanders Called Out For Tweeting Misleading Photo Celebrating Syria Strike

MSNBC’s Malcolm Nance Dismisses Trump’s Syria Strike as ‘Sanitary’: ‘We Killed No One’

Ari Fleischer on Trump’s ‘Mission Accomplished’ Declaration: I Would Not Have Said That

Pence on Syria: ‘Our Message to Russia Is You’re On the Wrong Side of History’

Fox News Analyst Ret. General Jack Keane Calls Syria Strike ‘Weak’: ‘Should Have Been Decisive’

Nikki Haley Speaks on Syria Strikes: ‘The Time for Talk Ended Last Night’

Geraldo Rivera Praises Trump for Syria Strikes: No ‘Wag the Dog Vibe’

Twitter Drags Trump for Saying ‘Mission Accomplished’: ‘Had to Double Check That It Was Not a Spoof’

Trump Praises ‘Perfectly Executed’ Syria Strike: ‘Mission Accomplished!’

Alex Jones Weeps Over Syria Strike in Live Meltdown: Trump is ‘Compromised’

Ingraham Snaps at Gorka After He Scolds Her on Syria: ‘Don’t Get On Your Moral High Horse’

SecDef Mattis on Syria Strike: ‘Right Now This is a One-Time Shot’

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