Mike Pence Says ‘ISIS Has Been Defeated’ Hours After Deadly Bombing Kills American Troops

CNN Airs Harrowing Footage of ISIS-Claimed Suicide Bombing in Syria That Left American Casualties

Trump Warns U.S. ‘Will Devastate Turkey Economically if They Hit Kurds’ in Syria

Armed Services Chair Says Trump Handling Syria Like ‘Drunken Sailor’ with ‘Emotional Rantings of a Child’

BREAKING: John Bolton Now Says There Are ‘Conditions’ For Withdrawal of Troops From Syria

Elizabeth Warren: It’s Right to Get Our Troops Out of Syria, But Foreign Policy Shouldn’t Be ‘Conducted by Tweet’

Trump Says Syria ‘Was Lost Long Ago’: I Don’t Want to Be There Forever, ‘It’s Sand and It’s Death’

Trump Hits Back At ‘Failed Generals’ Who Were ‘Unable To Do The Job’ Over Syria Withdrawal

Lindsey Graham After Trump Meeting: ‘We’re in a Pause Situation’ on Syria Withdrawal

CNN NatSec Analyst: Trump’s Actions on Syria Tell Foreign Leaders They Can Just Call Him and ‘Ask a Favor’

Gen. James Clapper: ‘Appalling Arrogance’ for Trump to Say He Knows More About ISIS than the Generals

Brian Kilmeade Slams Trump on Syria: Will ‘Make Everyone’s Security More Perilous’

Fox’s Brit Hume Warns: Criticism of Trump Has Been Overblown, But Syria/Mattis is a ‘Big Deal’

Outgoing Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis Has Reportedly Signed Order to Pull Troops from Syria

Trump Says the ‘Fake News’ is Ignoring His Big Wins in Favor of Endless Wars or Something

GOP Senator Bob Corker ‘Saddened’ and ‘Devastated’ By Syria Withdrawal: ‘This One Matters’

Rand Paul Says Sooner the Better to Leave ‘Mess’ in Syria: Can ‘These People’ Not ‘Do Anything’ Themselves?

Trump Lashes Out at ‘Mostly FAKE’ News About the Shutdown, Says ‘It Could Be a Long Stay’

Fox News Contributor Marc Thiessen: Trump Knows Syria Withdrawal Is Wrong, He ‘Castigated’ Obama For Same Mistake

Don Lemon Says Viewers Should Be Worried After Mattis Resignation: ‘Earthquake is Rolling Through Washington’

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