Furloughed Government Worker Tell CNN’s New Day She’s Considering Selling Family Heirlooms

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As President Donald Trump’s government shutdown over funding for his campaign promised border wall enters its 19th day, furloughed government workers are beginning to feel real financial stress. For many Americans, Friday is payday, but roughly 800,000 non-essential government employees out of work due to the shutdown, there will be no paycheck.

Two of these individuals appeared on CNN’s New Day Thursday morning and shared their real-life predicament that has come from a result of the current government shutdown, the negotiations of which appear to have completely broken down.

Federal employees Marc Munoz and Lisa Honan shared their experiences with viewers of CNN’s New Day putting a human face on the current plight of the estimated 800,000 American citizens who are gravely concerned about making ends meet in light of the current political government shutdown.

There are many details worth highlighting in the roughly eight-minute segment, but Honan’s admission that she and her family were considering selling family heirlooms puts the current situation in stark relief.

Munoz pleaded with elected officials to “come to an agreement,” adding “Folks want to get back to work and provide what we provide to the community and to the country.”

Watch above via CNN.

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