Garrett to Charlie Rose: No Second Thoughts on My Iran Question

garrettCBS News’ Major Garrett told CBS This Morning he had no second thoughts about the question he asked President Barack Obama on American hostages in Iran, which earned him a presidential rebuke.

The question has divided Garrett’s colleagues, and co-host Charlie Rose gave Garrett an opening by saying all reporters occasionally ask questions they wish they could retract, hint hint nudge nudge.

But Garrett said Obama mischaracterized his query.

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“What I wanted to drive at, aggressively, was why, in a context when the president conceded many times in that press conference that choices had to be made and priorities had to be established, these four Americans were not prioritized in the context of the Iran deal,” Garret said. “This administration has struggled with [this issue] and personally, and I’ve done soul searching about whether I’ve been aggressive enough on behalf of hostages overseas.”

Garrett conceded he may not be “an imperfect articulator,” but that it was important to pursue the line of questioning. “I asked the question I asked, and I can’t take it back,” he said.

Watch below, via CBS News:

[Image via screengrab]

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