Georgia Secretary of State Says People Moving There to Vote in Runoffs Will Be Prosecuted: ‘That Would Be Voter Fraud’


Brad Raffensperger warned on Fox News Tuesday that if you are thinking of moving to Georgia just to vote in the state’s Senate runoff elections, that would be an illegal act of voter fraud.

Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State was asked in an interview with Fox News anchor Sandra Smith about his allegation that Senator Lindsey Graham called him and suggested he exclude legal ballots from the state’s 2020 election recount. Raffensperger doubled down on his claim in response to Graham’s pushback.

Smith also asked about the recent phenomenon of people saying they’ll move to Georgia to vote in the state’s runoffs, scheduled for January, which could determine control of the Senate. Raffensperger has previously warned there will be legal penalties for anyone who tries that, so Smith asked “Is that really something that you believe that you are dealing with?

“We could be dealing with it and that’s why we put out the warning,” he answered. “We’re going to prosecute that and we’re going to work in concert with our attorney general. He put out a notice to that same effect. That would be voter fraud and it’s severe penalties, up to $100,000 fine and 10 years in prison.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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