Voter Fraud

WATCH: Meeting of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity LIVE STREAM

John Lewis: Trump Is ‘Uncaring’ and Knows Very Little of Civil Rights History

‘This Is Not Your Show, Sir!’ Katy Tur and Ken Blackwell Engage in Combative Exchange

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Battles Missouri Secretary of State on Voter Fraud: ‘You Don’t Have the Proof!’

Maryland AG Denies Trump Voter Fraud Commission Request: We Won’t Indulge Popular Vote ‘Fantasy’

Mississippi Sec. of State’s Response to WH Voter Fraud Commission Request: ‘They Can Go Jump in the Gulf’

President Trump Launching Commission to Assess How Hillary Clinton Won Popular Vote

Ex-GOP Chief Charged with Voter Fraud

Corey Lewandowski: Mass. Voters Aren’t Bussed into New Hampshire to Vote Illegally

‘Perhaps He Is Delusional’: Former NH GOP Chair on Stephen Miller Claiming Illegal Voters Were Bused In

After CNN Interview, Kris Kobach Slams Network for ‘False Claims of Voter Fraud’ Chyron

‘Do You Have the Evidence?’: CNN Anchor Battles Kris Kobach Over Trump’s Voter Fraud Claim

If You Want $1000, Offer This NH Republican Proof of Voter Fraud by Bus

Stephen Colbert Takes on ‘Bullsh*t’ Accusations of Trump’s Voter Fraud Claims

‘It’ll Be My Honor’: Pence Confirms He’ll Take the Lead on Voter Fraud Investigation

‘It’s a Really Bad Situation’: Trump Stands By Claims of Mass Voter Fraud

REPORT: Voter Fraud Investigation ‘No Longer a Top Priority’ for President Trump

‘Your Data Set Isn’t Your Problem?’: CNN Anchor Grills Man Who Claims Millions Illegally Voted

Trump Reportedly Wanted to Scrap Electoral College But Mitch McConnell Talked Him Out of It

Man Who Championed Claims of Widespread Voter Fraud Gets Brutally Embarrassed on CNN

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