Geraldo Decries ‘Barbaric,’ ‘Shameful’ Arizona For Trying To ‘Avenge’ Murder By ‘Killing’ Jodi Arias

Fox host Geraldo Rivera has a controversial new Twitter follower in Jodi Arias, the admitted killer of ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, currently facing the death penalty in a high-profile Arizona court case.

Her personal Twitter account is actually managed by a friend of the defendant who speaks with her regularly and blasts out choice quotes and musings from 32-year-old Arias, including a stab at crime-focused cable network HLN as “an acronym for Haters Love Negativity.”

Upon noticing the account had begun following him, Rivera notified his audience: Just heard Jody [sic] Arias follows me on twitter,” he wrote.

He then gave his own explanation for her follow, complete with a stern condemnation of the State of Arizona for pursuing the death penalty in her murder trial: “Maybe because I think it is barbaric for State to avenge Travis’ death by killing her. Shameful,” he tweeted.

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