GOP Sen. Lamar Alexander Says Trump Should Wear a Mask: He Can Set an Example for People


Sen. Lamar Alexander (R- TN) said Sunday that President Donald Trump should be wearing a mask to send a signal to the country about the importance o doing so.

The president has been criticized for not wearing a mask and not doing more to encourage nationwide mask-wearing amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

CNN’s Manu Raju spoke with Alexander on Inside Politics and first asked about covid spikes in states like Tennessee.

At one point Raju brought up the need for people to wear masks and how Alexander himself has worn one, before asking, “The president, however, he refuses to wear one. The vice president continues to say this is an issue states should decide. Should the Whit House do more and the president do more to urge Americans to wear masks?”

“I wish the president would wear a mask when it’s appropriate,” Alexander said. “Because millions of Americans admire him. And they would follow his lead. And his experts have told all of us that social distance and washing your hands is the way we can contain the disease, to go back to school and back to work.”

Alexander also said it would end the political debate that masks are a question of whether you support or oppose the president, saying, “The stakes are much too high for that.”

“I understand why he doesn’t. Most of the time he’s with people who have been tested, he’s been tested, so they’re not infecting others. But there are times when he could wear a mask, the vice president could wear a mask, it would signal to the country that it’s important to do so,” he concluded.

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