Hannity Offers His Solution to End School Gun Violence: Hire Armed Ex-Police and Military


Sean Hannity started his program tonight with a promise to offer up a solution to the plague of school shootings across America.

Before that, oddly, he took some snipes at Hollywood celebrities, calling those who would demand gun reform after this latest shooting “shameful” and “disgusting.”

“Hollywood celebrities. They are all so quick to post their hateful messages, of course, aimed at the President and Republicans on Twitter,” he said, before reading off a list of tweets. “They rush to judgment. They want to point fingers and blame and use all kinds of vicious, horrific rhetoric.”

After he got that off of his chest, Hannity segued into his solution, which entails placing armed security guards at every school, securing entranceways from would-be murderers and having every school in the country undergo “a comprehensive threat assessment, done by law enforcement professionals.”

“Start by hiring trained, armed former or retired police officers, trained, armed former or retired military veterans,” he said.

Hannity was quick to address the financial elephant in the room, saying the potential cost is worth it to save our children and, besides, “local FBI would be happy to help.”

“Let’s give our kids the same security that most politicians, that they get,” he said. “Let’s give them the same protection that actors and actresses get on the red carpet when they’re at the Oscars, and pretty much everywhere else they go.”

The final part of Hannity’s plan? Requiring every student to have “their own valid ID” and having any guest be “vouched for.”

It must be noted, however, that Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School has an armed security guard, something Hannity did highlight at one point. He never encountered shooter Nikolas Cruz.

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