‘He’s My Best Friend’: Watch Andrew Cuomo’s Moving Reaction to His Brother Chris Contracting Coronavirus


Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) discussed his brother Chris Cuomo’s positive coronavirus diagnosis during his daily press briefing on Tuesday, stressing that “this virus is a great equalizer.”

“Everyone is subject to this virus. It is the great equalizer. I don’t care how smart or how rich or how powerful you think you are, I don’t care how young how old. This virus is a great equalizer. My brother, Chris, is positive for coronavirus, found out this morning,” Cuomo said.

“Now he is going to be fine. He’s young, he’s in good shape, he’s strong, not as strong as he thinks. He’ll be fine. But, there is a lesson in this. He’s an essential worker, a member of the press, so he has been out there. You go out there, the chance that you get infected is very high,” he added.

“He’s a really sweet and beautiful guy. And, he’s my best friend. My father was always working so it was always just me and Chris,” the governor reminisced.

Cuomo later discussed the risk of those who cannot socially distance themselves from others during this pandemic, focusing on his mother, Matilda.

“People wind up exposing you and they find out they’re positive a couple of days later,” Cuomo added.

“I had a situation with Christopher two weeks ago that I even mentioned, my mother was at his house. And I said that is a mistake. Now, my mother is in a different situation. She’s older and she’s healthy but I said you can’t have mom at the house,” Cuomo said, recalling a conversation with his brother.

“And, you can expose mom to the virus. And, love sometimes needs to be a little smarter than just reactive. We had a whole discussion, in truth, and he’s informed and I am informed,” he added. “We have to tell people what are the rules. How does this work? That’s when I came up with Matilda’s Law, and I named it for my mother.

Matilda’s Law put New York State “on pause” in order to “protect New York’s most vulnerable populations, including individuals age 70 and older.”

Gov. Cuomo later took to Twitter to relay a touching message to his brother:

Watch above, via CNN.

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