‘It’s a Patriotic Act’: Biden Pleas That Everyone Wear a Mask For His First 100 Days in Office


President Joe Biden begged Americans to wear masks for his first 100 days in office as he introduced and signed new executive orders detailing his new response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The brutal truth is it’s going to take months before we can get the majority of Americans vaccinated,” he said on Thursday. “So, while we increase vaccinations, we’re going to take steps necessary now to slow the spread of the disease as well. One of our 100-day challenges is asking the American people to mask up for the first 100 days. The next 99 days.”

Biden went on to address the partisan nature of mask wearing, noting that it shouldn’t be viewed as political considering “it’s a patriotic act.”

“But for a few months to wear a mask, no vaccines, the fact is that they’re the single best thing we can do. They’re more important than the vaccines because they take time to work,” Biden added. “And if we do this as Americans, the experts say by wearing a mask from now until April, we’d save more than 50,000 lives, going forward.”

The president stressed that the order was exclusively based on health and safety, highlighting again that wearing a mask could save 50,000 American lives.

“I’m asking every American to mask up for the next 100 days. Yesterday, I signed an executive action that requires masks and social distancing on federal property,” he said. “Today, we’ll be signing an additional executive action to extend masking requirements on interstate travel, like on trains, planes and buses.”

Biden also revealed that those flying into the United States from another country now have to test before they take off and quarantine once they arrive in America.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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