Jake Tapper Calls Out Trump for Defending Bases Named for ‘Dead Racist Losers’


CNN’s Jake Tapper closed Sunday’s State of the Union blasting President Donald Trump for his continued defense of military bases named for Confederate leaders amid growing pressure to have them renamed.

Tapper noted how it’s been a “rough period” for the president and military leaders, noting the recent criticisms of Trump from former military officials, including his own former chief of staff John Kelly and former Defense Secretary James Mattis.

“The president and his supporters have had plenty of nasty things to say about these men who served our country, of course,” Tapper said. “No need to report them. You all have access to Twitter. There is one group of generals, however, that the president is standing firm with: dead racist losers.”

Tapper reviewed the histories of some of the Confederate leaders bases were named for before calling out the recent White House talking point “about how we won two World Wars with soldiers trained on those bases.”

In response to Kayleigh McEnany asking “where does it end?”, Tapper had this to say:

“That’s a fine question and I don’t have an answer. Washington and Jefferson had slaves, though their careers were not built on fighting for the right to own slaves. In other words, they’re honored despite the hideous parts of their histories, not because of the hideous parts of their histories. But before we talk about where this all ends, it does not take much moral clarity to understand that a good place to start would be for the United States to stop honoring traitors and terrorists.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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