Jake Tapper: Trump Defenders Aren’t Acknowledging the Facts, ‘Most Damning Evidence Came Straight from the Horses’ Mouths’


CNN’s Jake Tapper opened today by reviewing the evidence in the impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump and calling out his allies for overlooking facts in the case.

After the multiple impeachment hearings thus far, Tapper said, “We should note that the most damning evidence came straight from the horses’ mouths.”

He showed comments of Trump’s about how the Bidens should be investigated, followed by Gordon Sondland saying this week there was a quid pro quo and Mick Mulvaney’s “get over it” comments that he had to walk back later.

“One, he later tried to unsay what he said,” Tapper noted. “And two, Mulvaney is portraying this as trying to get participate in a Justice Department investigation into 2016. But that is consistently not what President Trump said he wants. President Trump wants a look into a debunked conspiracy theory about Ukraine and the DNC server that U.S. intelligence officials say was hacked by Russia, not by Ukraine.”

“This is just a fraction of the public evidence,” he added. “Though these are facts seldom eve acknowledged by the president’s defenders.”

After showing Jim Jordan saying the facts are on POTUS’ side, Tapper concluded, “The truth is the President of the United States by his own admission asked a foreign power to launch a investigation into his political rival Joe Biden, his son, and into a debunked conspiracy theory. These are investigations that would help President Trump politically and, according to the president’s own aides, the president used a White House meeting and $400 million in taxpayer dollars to get Ukraine to do it. Now you can debate whether or not it is criminal. You could debate whether or not it is impeachable, but you can’t debate whether or not those are the facts.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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