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Joe Scarborough Ridicules Pro-Trump Media: If You’re Being a Hack for Trump on Coronavirus ‘You’re Stupid’

Joe Scarborough offered a clear and simple message for media surrogates defending President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic: “I know you’re stupid.”

This particular moment came during Monday’s Morning Joe after airing a clip in which President Trump effectively silenced Dr. Anthony Fauci’s answer to CNN’s Jeremy Diamond’s question about hydroxychloroquine.

Scarborough reminded viewers that Trump was the “same guy who mocked this, said we had nothing to worry about. Only one person from China.” He reminds viewers that Trump “said there were 15 people that had it. Pretty soon, it’ll go down to zero. ” He then reminded viewers that Trump said, “the press was hyperventilating about it. That was their latest hoax. It was their latest impeachment hoax.”

Scarborough then turned to pro-Trump media “Now, a lot of the same hacks that were saying that this was overblown, a lot of the same hacks are now trying to turn it around and say it was the media’s fault for not underlining the concerns about this.”

“Here’s the deal,” Scarborough continued, turning his attention to pro-Trump media personalities. “You’re stupid. I know you’re stupid, if you’re being a hack for Donald Trump on the Coronavirus. I know you’re stupid. Maybe you think other people are stupid. They’re not as dumb as you. Because you can’t argue that the press was overblowing it for two months.”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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