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Kurt Volker Amends Prior Testimony, Says He Wasn’t Aware Others Saw Investigating Burisma as Equivalent to Investigating Biden

Former special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker said in his public testimony today that since his previous closed-door testimony last month, “a great deal of additional
information and perspectives have come to light [and] I have learned many things that I did not
know at the time of the events in question.”

“At the time I was connecting Mr. Yermak and Mr. Giuliani,” Volker testified, “and discussing with Mr. Yermak and Amb. Sondland a possible statement that could be made by the Ukrainian President, I did not know of any linkage between the hold on security assistance and Ukraine pursuing investigations. No one had ever said that to me, and I never conveyed such a linkage to the Ukrainians.”

He also said that during a July 10 meeting with John Bolton and others, “The meeting was essentially over when Ambassador Sondland made a generic comment about investigations.”

“I think all of us thought it was inappropriate,” Volker continued, “the conversation did not continue and the meeting concluded. Later on, in the Ward Room, I may have been engaged in a side conversation, or had already left the complex, because I do not recall further discussion regarding investigations or Burisma.”

And while he apparently “drew a sharp distinction between the two,” Volker said he was not aware that others believed “any investigation of the Ukrainian company, Burisma, which had a history of accusations of corruption, was tantamount to investigating Vice President Biden.”

He said at one point that he felt the allegations against Biden weren’t credible.

He testified he was unaware of efforts to pressure Ukraine to investigate Biden, saying, “I did not know that President Trump or others had raised Vice President Biden with the Ukrainians, or had conflated the investigation of possible Ukrainian corruption, with investigation of the former vice president.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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