Lou Dobbs Calls For Removing ‘Buffoons’ Paul Ryan and McConnell: They ‘Senselessly Obstructed’ Trump


Fox Business host Lou Dobbs tore into House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell tonight, claiming the “establishment buffoons” are hurting President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” agenda.

Dobbs embarked on the following rant on tonight’s airing of Lou Dobbs Tonight:

“I have made to secret of my contempt of the politics of Speaker Ryan and his like minded band of RINOs in the House and Senate. Just as Ryan has made no secret about his disdain for the national interest, our working families, our middle class. Ryan’s chief appeal to his corporatist masters seems to be his puppyish eagerness to please the power brokers of the establishment and the money marauders who infest K Street, and his passionate pursuit of open borders and cheap illegal immigrant labor. He of course was no fan of defined benefit programs, you know, pensions, which he saw as an awful, terrible unfair burden on corporate America’s international competitiveness. Ryan embraced 401(k)s and didn’t blink at the yawning gap in the value of pensions versus 401(k)s. Nor was Ryan a fan of those employer health care benefits for employees.”

The host continued by decrying Ryan’s current attempt to cut social security and Medicare and “pass a bill he calls a compromise bill on immigration.”

As for McConnell, he said the Kentucky senator and Ryan have “senselessly obstructed your presidency for a year and a half.”

“Mr. President, I would hope you would tell the speaker and the leader you no longer need their approval,” he added.

While the speaker and majority leader received nothing but condemnation, Trump basked in the highest praise from Dobbs, who bowed down to the president’s “intellect, talents and also his extraordinary patience.”

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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