Lou Dobbs

Lou Dobbs: Is Jeff Sessions ‘Compromised or Mentally Incompetent?’

Trump Talks Fox News Hosts, Bashes Phrase ‘Deep State’: ‘It Sounds So Conspiratorial’

Lou Dobbs Slams Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott For Not Defending Trump’s Death Toll Claims

Trump Plugs Lou Dobb’s Remarks Calling Puerto Rican Governments ‘Corrupt’

Fox Biz Analyst Ed Rollins Defends Trump’s Death Toll Tweets: He Thinks Puerto Ricans Are ‘Not For Us Anyway’

Lou Dobbs Backs Trump’s Remarks on Hurricane Maria Death Toll: ‘An Amazing Tortured Inflation’

Trump Parrots Fox News to Bash Russia Probe, Sessions, DOJ on 9/11: ‘NOTHING is Being Done’

Trump Tweets Out Praise from Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs Calling His Successes ‘Unprecedented’

Lou Dobbs: George W. Bush Was a Liberal

Lou Dobbs Torches Anonymous Trump Official: ‘Delusional, Egomaniacal, Self-Aggrandizing Jackass’

Lou Dobbs Praises How Trump ‘Handled’ Bob Woodward in Their Call: ‘Pure Gold’

WATCH: Lou Dobbs Refers to Unite the Right 2 Rallygoers as ‘So-Called White Supremacists’ While Blasting Antifa

Trump Rails Against Charles Koch For Defending ‘Foreign Workers’, Calls Into Question His GOP Donations

Lou Dobbs Mocks Jim Acosta for ‘Whining’ After Being Heckled at Trump Rally: ‘He’s Awfully Delicate’

Lou Dobbs Rages Against Special Counsel’s ‘Jihad’: ‘The Hell With Mueller! The Hell With What He Wants!!!’

Lou Dobbs Calls Diamond and Silk’s Political Punditry ‘the Definitive and Authoritative Forecast’ for Future Elections

TBT: That Time Lou Dobbs Slams White House For Not Taking Reporter’s Shouted Questions

After Fox President Defends CNN, Lou Dobbs Says It’s ‘About Time There Were Consequences’ for Disrespect

At What Point Does Lou Dobbs Become an Actual Liability For Fox?

Lou Dobbs: Dismantle the FBI Because ‘The Deep State is Armed and Dangerous’

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