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Fox’s Trish Regan Trashes Rubio Over Tax Law Reversal: ‘He Is Trying to Divide the Republican Party’

Watch Lou Dobbs Get Awkward After Guest Says Parkland Students Are Acting ‘As If They Are Bulletproof’

Sean Spicer Gets Needy After WSJ Calls Gary Cohn ‘First Relevant’ WH Departure: ‘I Think I Was Relevant’

Mike Huckabee Says Billy Graham’s Death is ‘Fake News’: He’s ‘More Alive Today Than’ Ever

Jason Chaffetz Shills Again For Pal Romney: He Didn’t Even Ask For Trump’s Endorsement

Fox Business Network Host Grills Gun Advocate After He Declares: AR-15 is ‘America’s Rifle’

Stuart Varney Hits GOP Over Inflated Budget: ‘What on Earth’ Are They Thinking?

Pete Hegseth Scolds Justin Timberlake For Not Letting Son Play Football: ‘This Guy Was in a Boy Band’

Even With Trump Interview, CNBC’s Squawk Box Still Couldn’t Beat FBN’s Bartiromo in Ratings

Mediaite Q&A: Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo on the View From Davos

Lou Dobbs Says ‘It May Be Time to Declare War Outright Against the Deep State’

FBN’s Kennedy Trashes Dem Over FISA Memo: ‘Adam Schiff is a Boob And a Grandstander’

Fox Business Host Stuart Varney Suggests He’ll Now Tip Less Because of $15 Minimum Wage

Trish Regan And Ben Stein Take a Wrecking Ball to the GOP Tax Bill: ‘Disgraceful’

Fox’s Trish Regan Dumps on GOP Tax Bill: ‘Founding Fathers Never Anticipated a Swamp’ Like One Today

Stuart Varney Erupts at Guest Over Claim He ‘Destroyed’ Host in Prior Debate: ‘Take it Back!’

Fox Business’ Trish Regan Slams GOP Tax Bill: Individuals ‘Carrying the Water’ for Corporations

Maria Bartiromo and Tom Perez Yell At Each Other in Nightmare Interview: ‘You’re in a Fictional Wonderland!’

Influential Investor Writes Racist Article: ‘Thank God White People Populated America, Not the Blacks’

Fox Business Network Celebrates 10-Years on Air With Ratings Wins Against Rival CNBC

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