Lou Dobbs Concerned About Who’s Advising Trump: If He ‘Forgets Who His Base Is… It’s Gonna Be a Dandy of an Election’

Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs, an ardent supporter of President Donald Trump‘s, has some concerns about the advice POTUS is getting heading into 2020.

Dobbs brought up legislation on visas being taken up in the Senate as well as comments from Kellyanne Conway that alarmed him, telling his panel, “Effectively she said all of this is basically negotiable with the Republicans. She thinks a deal can be done on illegal immigration and on guns.”

Ed Rollins remarked, “If you’re gonna give everything up to the Democrats, might as well do it all at one time.”

“His base is expecting a wall,” Dobbs said. “Expecting Illegal immigration to be stopped. Instead, immigration year-over-year is rising significantly. We’ve got four times the number of families being apprehended at the border. This is not going well. And I absolutely believe this is a historic president, that this man is doing things that were unimaginable even 10 years ago which he is achieving. But my God. November 2020 is nearing at an alarming rate, somebody’s advising him in most peculiar β€” and I think antithetical to his interest β€” manner.”

Rollins agreed with Dobbs that firing up the base is important.

Dobbs took notice of how what Elizabeth Warren is saying on the campaign trail is “resonating” with Americans, and Michael Goodwin said he thinks if Biden isn’t the nominee, Warren will be “the next up.”

Rollins had some similarly complimentary comments for Warren’s campaign and said she’s a “very credible candidate.”

“If this president forgets who his base is,” Dobbs said, “and listens to some of these folks advising him to illegal immigration, the wall, and gun control, and jobs, and visas, and the American worker, it’s gonna be a dandy of an election.”

You can watch above, via Fox Business.

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