Lou Dobbs Tees Off on Anti-Trump GOPers in Loony Rant: ‘They’re Lazy, Deceitful and They Haven’t Got Any Spine’


Lou Dobbs talked to Charlie Hurt of The Washington Times about the spending bill and about how the bipartisan piece of legislation is, in Dobbs’ words, “spitting in the president’s eye.”

“How many years have we listened Republicans, good loyal Republicans here in Washington, talk about the importance of being good loyal Republicans and how Donald Trump is not a real good loyal Republican?” Hurt said. “These people are not even being the good loyal Republicans that they’ve accused Donald Trump of not being since the beginning and it’s quite frankly why Donald Trump won and why Republican voters deserted the party and joined up with this guy.”

“[Trump is] our last chance as a nation, a republic to preserve ourselves and our destiny,” Dobbs said — genuflecting to the Supreme Leader. “This president, this president is going to be there after the midterms. I’m not sure that there will be many Republicans left in either the Senate or the house. As a matter of fact I find myself thinking: why would anyone go to the poll to vote for a Republican when you get this kind of nonsense as the result?”

“They’re lazy, they’re deceitful and they haven’t got any spine,” he added. “They’re not standing up to their leaders let alone their opponents.”

“That’s all true but they’re also scared and there’s nothing more dangerous,” Hurt said.

“Poor babies,” Dobbs replied.

The two also yammered on about how tired everyone is of special counsel Robert Mueller (or, as the president would call him, the “special council”).

“We can pick a president but if we pick a president who’s a danger to this place… the establishment is going to go after that person and they’re going to investigate every aspect of his life,” Hurt said. “And until they find something that they say will disqualify him from being our president.”

(And this is a bad thing because…?)

“I just can’t even imagine why anybody would put up with Robert Mueller,” Dobbs replied.

(No, seriously. Someone please explain why investigators going after a man who is “a danger to this place” is a bad thing.)

Watch above, via Fox News.

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