Michael Cohen’s Book Brings Renewed Attention to Unaired 2012 RNC Video of Trump Ripping Obama Lookalike


As Michael Cohen prepares to release his upcoming autobiography, the former personal lawyer for Donald Trump has rejuvenated public intrigue in the president’s hatred for his predecessor: Barack Obama.

In Disloyalty: A Memoir, Cohen delves into numerous recollections about Trump’s connections to Russia, his alleged violations of campaign finance law, and numerous instances of his former boss’ racism. Part of the book, as previewed by CNN and Washington Post, provides instances where Trump allegedly said Hispanics and Black people were “too stupid to vote for Trump.”

CNN’s report on Cohen’s book says Trump railed into Obama as a “Manchurian candidate” who only got into Columbia University and Harvard Law School because of “f*cking affirmative action.” Cohen’s book also reflected on a video Trump shot for the 2012 Republican National Convention where he tore into a lookalike of Obama in a schtick resembling The Apprentice.

As Cohen spoke of the ad, which was not aired at the time, he described Trump as he “ritualistically belittled the first black president and then fired him.” When Trump spoke to Breitbart about the RNC’s decision not to air the “Faux-Bama” video as Cohen called it, the president-to-be was reported saying “The reason they didn’t put it on is because they thought it was too controversial. Controversy. It might not be politically correct.”

Cohen also insisted that Trump went on a rant after Obama became president in 2008, where he supposedly said “tell me one country run by a black person that isn’t a sh*thole…They are all complete f*cking toilets.” Trump allegedly used similar insulting comments when Nelson Mandela died, saying he “f*cked the whole country up. Now it’s a sh*thole. F*ck Mandela. He was no leader.”

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