Michael Smerconish Calls Out Trump’s Bizarre, One-Minute WH Briefing on Dow 30,000: ‘That Was a TV Campaign Commercial in the Making’ for 2024

There are 1,442 days until Election Day, 2024 — and one CNN contributor suggested President Donald Trump may already be cutting campaign ads for that campaign.

Speaking to CNN host Erin Burnett, Sirius XM radio host Smerconish gave his own take on Trump’s bizarre, 64-second White House briefing on Tuesday, where he touted the Dow Jones Industrial Average breaking 30,000 and then fled before answering any questions from the press.

“So, Michael, the president had two appearances today,” Burnett noted. “They are rare these days, right? Even though he didn’t call them press conferences, loved taking questions from the press. Today, showed up at the press briefing room for 64 seconds. No questions. Just a statement. It was about the stock market. So that was purposeful. Why?”

“That was a TV campaign commercial in the making,” Smerconish claimed. “Erin, as soon as I saw it, and he was only there, as you say, for 60 seconds, I said to myself, 30,000 is a big milestone.”

“He does not want to trust the media to record that moment,” Smerconish added, and then alluded to the many reports that Trump is already planning a comeback presidential run four years from now. “So he walked into the White House press room with Mike Pence at his side and recorded it for posterity, including potentially for 2024. You could see that on a campaign reel in four years.”

“Wow. So that’s a fair point,” Burnett said, seemingly not ready to think more than 1,000 days ahead.

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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