Michael Smerconish

Roger Stone Rips Michael Cohen for Claims About Trump’s Racist Talk: He’s ‘Become a Tool of His New Handlers’

CNN’s Smerconish Presses Roger Stone on Emails About Assange: ‘Were You BS-ing?’

CNN’s Smerconish Calls Out U.S. ‘Fealty’ to Saudi Arabia: What Do They ‘Hold Over American Presidents?’

CNN’s Smerconish: Jeff Flake ‘Did the Nation a Favor’ With Push for Investigation, Vote Delay

Alan Dershowitz: Rosenstein Shouldn’t Be Fired, He Should Answer Questions Under Oath

CNN’s Smerconish to Democratic Rep.: Isn’t It Premature to Be Talking About Impeachment?

NYT’s Thomas Friedman Calls Greg Gutfeld a ‘Moron’ for Mocking His Column on Trump Coverage

The Hill’s Jordan Fabian on Ceding Question at Briefing: It’s About Showing Press Corps Unity

CNN Host Blows Up Over Partisan Bickering About Russian Meddling: ‘This Was Terrorism!’

Joe Walsh Explains How He Was Duped By Sacha Baron Cohen Into Talking About Arming Pre-Schoolers

Alan Dershowitz: ‘I’m Winning the Battle on Martha’s Vineyard’

Jeffrey Toobin: If Some People Don’t Like How We Cover Trump, ‘Too Bad’

OOPS: CNN’s Michael Smerconish Airs C-Word Uncensored

CNN’s Smerconish: Trump Ginning Up ‘SpyGate’ So Half the Country Won’t Believe Whatever Mueller Finds

Arnold Schwarzenegger Says the GOP Is ‘Dying’: ‘I See It Like the Titanic’

CNN’s Smerconish: Reports of Trump’s Political Demise Are ‘Greatly Exaggerated’

Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer: 10 People Have Offered to Pay the $1 Million Penalty for Her Speaking Out

CNN’s Smerconish Calls Out ‘Epic Intelligence Failure’ Prior to FL Shooting

Smerconish: White House Is ‘Counting On’ People Being Too Confused to Really Look at Russia Details

Smerconish: #ReleaseTheMemo Was Better For Trump as Hannity Worked ‘Everyone Into a Lather’

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