Mike Huckabee Defends Daughter Against Pie Critics: ‘You’re About to be Gutted Like a Deer’


A few days after, um, #PieGate became a thing, Sarah Huckabee Sanders‘ father weighed in on the weird controversy.

The White House Press Secretary posted a picture of a pie last week and people started questioning its authenticity. April Ryan in particular tweeted back, “Show it to us on a table.”

So when Mike Huckabee appeared on Fox Business Network this morning, Stu Varney asked him to weigh in. Huckabee said this:

“Let me tell you something, she’s been making this pie for years… makes them for friends, but here’s the warning that I would issue. Stuart, don’t ever and I mean don’t ever mess with a Southern woman and her homemade pies. It is as dangerous as when you hear a Southern woman begin her sentence with ‘bless your heart.’ It means you’re about to be gutted like a deer and just don’t know it.”

Varney was stunned that a member of the White House press corps would make something out of this, and Huckabee said, “It just shows how ridiculous the coverage has become and PieGate certainly should be over. I hope Sarah makes a pie and serves it to the press corps.”

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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