NRATV Correspondent on YouTube Shooting: Their Censorship ‘Opens Them Up to a Lot of Hatred’


While appearing on the National Rifle Association’s media network NRATV, the group’s correspondent Chuck Holton suggested yesterday’s YouTube’s headquarters shooting in San Bruno, California was triggered by the website’s push to “censor content.”

“I have talked about this before, YouTube making these changes where they’re going from being a platform for videos to being a publisher of videos, meaning that they are starting to censor content here and there,” said Holton while speaking to NRATV’s resident appliance-smasher Grant Stinchfield. “[That] actually opens them up to liability and it opens them up to a lot of hatred from people around the world.”

He continued: “Bottom line is, as it turns out, this shooter was just pretty downright crazy even by California standards and that’s saying something.”

Stinchfield, who maintained the two were “very careful” not to speculate about the shooting, chimed in to attack the left in classic NRA fashion.

“We were asking questions and waiting for answers, the left was out there literally pushing this narrative that the shooting was somehow the NRA’s fault and that I need to apologize for a tweet that NRATV sent out of one of my videos,” said Stinchfield — referencing a week-old comment in which he said “NRA members must rise up in the face of [YouTube’s] censorship.”

While the suspect in the YouTube shooting does not appear to have any ties to the NRA whatsoever, gun control advocates pointed to a tweet as evidence that the pro-gun group’s cirrhotic and policies lead to violence.

Watch above (the relevant part starts around the 6:15 mark), via NRATV.

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