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Dana Loesch to End Her Show on The Blaze After Four Years

Hillary Lectures Trump About Not ‘Pointing Fingers’ Amid Tragedies… After She Blasted the NRA For Vegas

Twitter Stunned By Dana Loesch’s New NRA Ad: ‘This Is Just Straight Fascism Now’

NRA Spox Dana Loesch Is Moving After Her Family Received Threats: This Underscores ‘Why I Carry’

Chris Wallace Battles NRA’s Chris Cox: Is It Right to Turn Gun Control Debate ‘Into Class Warfare’?

Pro-Gun GOP Congressman Doesn’t Understand Difference Between Auto and Semi-Auto Rifles

Stuart Varney Challenges NRA Spox Dana Loesch: ‘Whose Side Are You On?’

From One Proud Gun Owner to Others: It’s Time to Reinstate the Assault Weapons Ban

Fox News’ Jesse Watters Says Obama Was ‘The NRA’s Greatest Salesman’

Scariest Part of Las Vegas Massacre? The Pro-Gun Message That Nothing Can Be Done

‘Pure, Unadulterated Greed’: Hillary Clinton Slams NRA and Republicans as ‘Complicit’ in Gun Violence Epidemic

NRA Reportedly Postpones Ad Spending in VA Governor’s Race After Vegas Shooting

Conservative Twitter Slams Hillary for Criticizing NRA After Vegas Shooting: ‘Tone-Deaf Political Hack’

‘Stand Up to the NRA’: Hillary Clinton Calls for Gun Control in Response to Las Vegas Shooting

TV Host Accuses Obama of Setting ‘Race Relations Back 100 Years’

NRA ‘Concealed Carry’ Fashion Show Touts New Looks That Can Kill

NRA TV Host Wildly Attacks Don Lemon: ‘You Have a History of Siding with the Rapist’

Dem Rep: Dana Loesch, NRA Are ‘Quickly Becoming Domestic Security Threats’ Under Trump

With Obama Gone NRA Finds New Target — The Washington Post

NRA Blasts Washington Post for Spreading ‘Organized Anarchy’: ‘Journalism Dies’ There

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