Paul Ryan Responds to Trump Cheating on GOP With Dems: ‘It Was Perfectly Reasonable and Rational’


During a Fox News appearance, House Speaker Paul Ryan tried to tone down the drama brewing between Republicans on Capitol Hill and President Donald Trump after his out-of-left-field deal with leading Democrats.

“Perfectly reasonable and rational” — those were the words Ryan used to describe a Republican president going across the aisle to endorse a debt limit deal proposed by Democrats, instead of trying to work with members of his own party. The speaker also responded to Fox News’ Martha McCallum‘s question about rumors that he was anger over Trump’s decision, vowing he “wasn’t furious.”

For Ryan, this was all about a pivot to Trump’s latest pet project — tax reform:

“I think what he’s trying to do is clear the decks, so we can get focused on our big things like tax reform… He just wanted to get it done, get it out of the way so that [hurricane] aid is flowing to the states that need it right now, so that we can go and then focus on things like tax reform. So it’s perfectly reasonable and rational why he’s doing what he’s doing.”

Ironically, hours before Trump decided to work with Democrats, Ryan called their plan “ridiculous” during a press conference. However, he clearly has since backed off that sentiment, as the previously ridiculous plan has flipped to rational.

Ryan also told reporters that he talks to Trump “all the time,” however — the two even reportedly had a cozy evening with dinner tonight.

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