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Paul Ryan

Steve Schmidt Rips Paul Ryan Over New Interview: ‘His Weakness Is Just Extraordinary’

Paul Ryan Defends His Refusal to Publicly Confront Trump: A ‘Pissing Match Doesn’t Work.’

Colbert Literally Offers to Circumcise Paul Ryan on Live Television After Discovering His Jewish Ancestry

Jim Jordan Announces Run For House Speaker

Paul Ryan Reads Mean Tweets: ‘Proof You Don’t Need a Spine to Do P90X’

Paul Ryan Says Trump is Probably ‘Just Trolling People’ With Threats of Revoking Security Clearance

WATCH: Paul Ryan Laughs His Ass Off at a Trump-Hitler Joke

Samantha Bee: McConnell and Ryan are ‘Every Bit as Compromised by Russia as Trump’ and ‘They Haven’t Been Peed On’

A Family of Hungry Woodchucks Ate Paul Ryan’s Car

Paul Ryan Addresses OSU Scandal, Calls Jim Jordan a ‘Man of Integrity’

Lou Dobbs Rips ‘Precious’ Paul Ryan for Not Backing Jim Jordan: ‘Smug, Pretentious’ Puppet

Seth Meyers’ July 4th Parody of Trump Roasts Spineless ‘Speaker of the House Paul Revere

Seth Rogen Responds to Fox & Friends After Hosts Scold Him for Not Taking Photo With Paul Ryan

Seth Rogen Says He Denied Paul Ryan a Photo in Front of His Kids: I Said ‘No Way Man!’

Steve King Tells Breitbart: House GOP Considering Forcing Out Paul Ryan

Lou Dobbs Goes After McConnell, Paul Ryan for ‘Not Applauding’ Trump’s North Korea Accomplishments

Lou Dobbs and Rep. Gaetz Trash ‘Disaster’ Paul Ryan: ‘Get the Hell Out of the Office’

Paul Ryan Breaks With Trump, Says ‘SpyGate’ Claim is Bogus: FBI Did ‘Exactly’ What it Was Supposed to

Pols Call for Action After Santa Fe Shooting: ‘Horrifying Inaction of Congress’ Is ‘Green Light’ for Shooters

Paul Ryan Dismisses Criticism He Isn’t Tough Enough on Trump: I Don’t ‘Wail on Him on TV’ for Ratings

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