Paul Ryan

Trump Reportedly ‘Fumed’ to Paul Ryan Last Year About Not Getting Enough for Border Wall

Fmr. White House Aide: Trump Thought Scaramucci Was ‘Completely Out of His Mind — Like, on Drugs or Something’

Kevin McCarthy Appears to Swipe at Paul Ryan When Asked Why GOP Never Punished Steve King

‘Loser’: On His Way Out the Door, Paul Ryan Faces the Wrath of Op-Ed Writers

Paul Ryan’s Final Press Conference as Speaker Delayed, Then Cancelled After Trump Call

Laura Ingraham Bashes GOP For ‘Frustrating’ Trump’s Agenda: Basically, They Already Have Shut Down the Government

Trump is Reportedly Already ‘Really Angry’ With Paul Ryan Over Midterms

Trump Blasts Paul Ryan for Contradicting Him on Birthright Citizenship: ‘Something He Knows Nothing About’

Tucker Carlson Swipes at Paul Ryan for Pushback on Trump Over Birthright Citizenship: ‘He Wants You to Be Quiet’

Paul Ryan Shuts Down Trump Plan to End Birthright Citizenship With Executive Order: ‘You Obviously Cannot Do That’

WATCH: Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs Goes on a Tear Against Paul Ryan for Criticizing the ‘Identity Politics’ of the Right

Paul Ryan Blames Media for Intense Focus on Division: Bipartisanship ‘Doesn’t Sell’ Ratings and Clicks

Don Jr., Ted Cruz, Steve Scalise Condemn Bombs Sent to Obamas and Clintons: ‘This Crap Has to Stop’

Paul Ryan Brushes Off Criticism He Doesn’t Stand up to Trump: I Catch Flak ‘No Matter What I Do’

Steve Schmidt Rips Paul Ryan Over New Interview: ‘His Weakness Is Just Extraordinary’

Paul Ryan Defends His Refusal to Publicly Confront Trump: A ‘Pissing Match Doesn’t Work.’

Colbert Literally Offers to Circumcise Paul Ryan on Live Television After Discovering His Jewish Ancestry

Jim Jordan Announces Run For House Speaker

Paul Ryan Reads Mean Tweets: ‘Proof You Don’t Need a Spine to Do P90X’

Paul Ryan Says Trump is Probably ‘Just Trolling People’ With Threats of Revoking Security Clearance

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