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Scarborough: Steve Bannon Looking Chubbier Because Mercers ‘Are Shoving Money in his Pocket’

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough yet again took aim at Steve Bannon on Wednesday morning, this time for the Breitbart chair’s speech railing against Goldman Sachs partners running the U.S. government.

Morning Joe first played a clip from a Tuesday night rally in Arizona, in which Bannon told a crowd of people out to support Kelli Ward’s challenge to Sen. Jeff Flake, ostensibly referring to the GOP establishment: “They hold you in total and complete contempt. They think that you’re a group of morons.”

“But if you gave me the choice of being governed by the first 100 people that showed up tonight for this rally, or the top 100 partners at Goldman Sachs, I would take the first 100 people here,” the self-described populist declared.

Of course, Bannon — who returned to chair Breitbart in August after serving 8 months as President Donald Trump’s chief strategist — was once an investment banker at Goldman Sachs, a fact Scarborough took great enjoyment in recalling.

“So this is awkward, fellas,” Scarborough started. “Y’all in the audience, Steve Bannon thinks you’re the fools.”

“I guess he doesn’t think you can read,” the MSNBC host continued, breaking into laughter. “Because Steve Bannon, he worked…listen, he worked for Goldman Sachs.”

“Now I’m not knocking working Goldman Sachs — Willie [Geist] and I have been trying to get jobs there for decades,” he quipped, before pointing out that Bannon is financed by the Mercer family (as detailed in Buzzfeed’s remarkable exposé).

“He worked at Goldman Sachs! Did you notice he’s looking a little chubbier than usual? That’s because the Mercers, who are like billionaires, are shoving money in his pocket. He’s out to here with money!”

“It’s such hypocrisy,” Scarborough wrapped up. “He thinks you’re a moron. Don’t be that moron.”

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