Scarborough: Trump Was Lying About North Korea Nuclear Threat and Now We Have Proof


On Morning Joe on Monday, host Joe Scarborough said he could spin a “wheel of fortune” to pick which “dysfunctional foreign policy faux pas” to start the day with.

Among the options were Trump’s potential recognition of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, his wanting to withdraw from the World Trade Organization, calling the EU basically as bad as China, and his declaring the end of nuclear threat from North Korea.

“We could start with North Korea continuing to develop nuclear weapons and long-range missile technology that, yes, could kill all of us while we were sleeping at night with a nuclear weapon, we had that Wall Street journal and others reporting that yesterday,” said Scarborough. “Donald Trump said two weeks ago ‘the north Korean nuclear threat is over. You can sleep well at night.’ Well, we all knew he was lying and now we have proof.”

Scarborough is referring in part to an article by the Wall Street Journal, published Sunday, which exposes the expansion of a key missile-manufacturing plant in North Korea.

North Korea is completing a major expansion of a key missile-manufacturing plant, said researchers who have examined new satellite imagery of the site, the latest sign Pyongyang is pushing ahead with weapons programs even as the U.S. pressures it to abandon them.

Scarborough pointed out later in the segment that the only visible concession made on either side was that the President cancelled joint military exercises with South Korea, a major concession to Kim Jong Un.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of MSNBC.

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