Sean Hannity On Rapper’s White House Invite: Obama ‘Goes Back To His Radical Roots Again And Again’

Just when Sean Hannity may have feared he would have to spend the rest of the year discussing President Obama‘s effective counter-terrorism policies, finally Hannity has a new controversy for him to really sink his teeth into. As predicted earlier today, the controversy surrounding First Lady Michelle Obama‘s decision to invite the rapper Common to appear at the White House has now infuriated Hannity who was “baffled” that this is who the White House “chooses to set as an example for our kids.”

Hannity was most disturbed by Common’s use of language that included the N-word and that was suggestive of killing cops and burning a bush (although Hannity and his guest disputed whether the reference was to shrubbery or the former President). With passions rising throughout the debate, Hannity emphatically concluded:

“If this was somebody who used the same type of rhetoric about violence against President Obama I would be against it. . . . This is inappropriate for a President and he goes back to his radical roots again and again and again. Ayers, Wright, Pfleger.”

James Peterson repeatedly defended Common‘s artistic freedom and expression, but Hannity made his argument clear by the end, “I support his right, but don’t bring him to the White House.”

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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