Steve Bannon: It Would ‘Definitely Concern Me’ If POTUS Knew About Trump Tower Meeting


On Friday night, Steve Bannon was pressed on remarks he had previously said about the infamous Trump Tower meeting being “treasonous.”

Back in July 2016, Don Jr. organized a meeting with a Russian lawyer who supposedly had dirt on Hillary Clinton, which ended up being a meeting about Russian adoption policies. Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort had also attended the meeting. It wasn’t until roughly a year later that the meeting was publicized. And when Bannon weighed in, many perceived his “treasonous” remark was aimed at Don Jr, but since clarified that it was meant at Manafort.

“What about it made it treasonous to you?” Ari Melber asked.

“Look, I think professionally, Paul Manafort- I don’t think you outta have- you know, people from other countries- Russians or whatever, come in and there’s enough opposition research out there,” Bannon said.

“So by your standard, it’s that knowledge of the foreign offer of help,” Melber followed. “So if Donald Trump knew about it, then he was in on treasonous behavior in your standard.”

“Uh- no,” Bannon responded. “Look, it hasn’t been proven that he knew anything about it.”

“You said there’s zero chance Don Jr. didn’t tell him and Michael Cohen reportedly says he knew about it,” Melber shot back.

Bannon dismissed Cohen for the “deals he’s cutting” with federal investigators.

“If a candidate knows about that in advance, then are they a part of treasonous behavior by your standard?” Melber asked.

“I think you have to call into question,” Bannon told Melber. “If somebody is actually out there trying to get information from foreign parties, you have to question it, yeah.”

“So if [Special Counsel Robert] Mueller could prove that about Donald Trump, that would concern you,” the MSNBC host told Bannon.

“It would definitely concern me, yes,” Bannon answered. “But the president has been pretty adamant that he didn’t know it and hasn’t known about it.”

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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