Stewart on SOTU: ‘Vague Pledges’ from Obama and the ‘World’s Sh*ttiest GOP Open Mic Night’

Jon Stewart taped too early last night to tackle President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address, but he was back in force tonight with full-on coverage of the speech. While Stewart assumed Obama would begin by saying the State of the Union is strong, he was taken aback by the president’s decision to “mention everybody in America by name.”

When Obama said, “No other country in the world does what we do,” Stewart guessed at what might be coming next: “Deny climate change, expand gun rights after school shootings, put bacon in ice cream?” But Stewart’s big takeaway from the speech was that Obama’s relationship with Congress has become even more strained. “As he spoke to them, it was clear he had recently taken a course at the Learning Annex on passive aggression for Jewish mothers.”

“What is a president to do when he knows he can’t do much?” Stewart asked. “Perhaps announce goals so vague there’s no way to gauge if he’s actually achieved them.”

Stewart proceeded to take on the Republican responses that “came in not one, not two, but four delicious flavors,” including Sen. Mike Lee’s official tea party response, “because apparently anyone can go on the fucking internet!”

“So to sum up the 2014 State of the Union,” Stewart concluded, “a litany of vague pledges, a justified venting the frustration with Congress and capping it off, the world’s shittiest Republican open mic night.”

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