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Jon Stewart Delivers Fiery Message to Trump: Everything You Do Comes With An ‘Extra Layer of Gleeful Cruelty’

Jon Stewart Blames Fake Right Wing Outrage for Samantha Bee Fallout: ‘It’s a Game, It’s a Strategy’

Jon Stewart Makes an Appearance on The Late Show From Under Stephen Colbert’s Desk

TBT: Ten Years Ago Jim Cramer’s Infamous Bear Stearns Rant Led to Jon Stewart Showdown

Jon Stewart Crashes The Daily Show As ‘Bernie Bernstein’

Jon Stewart: I Was ‘Stunned’ by Revelations About Louis C.K.

Jon Stewart Gives Trump ‘Equal Time’ in Colbert Cameo: He’s…’Not a Cannibal’

A New Netflix Documentary Chronicles the Rise of Egypt’s Jon Stewart

That Jon Stewart and HBO Animation Collab Isn’t Happening Anymore

The Mediaite Staff Casts Trump: The Movie With Natalie Portman, Kathy Bates, Nic Cage, and More

‘He Is the Decider’: Sean Spicer Borrows W’s Swag on Behalf of Trump

Jon Stewart Hijacks Late Show, Rips Trump: ‘Nobody Says ‘Believe Me’ Unless They Are Lying’

Jon Stewart Returns to Reveal Trump’s Next Executive Orders Amid This ‘Purposeful, Vindictive Chaos’

Throwback Thursday: Tucker Carlson’s Epic Debate With Jon Stewart on CNN’s Crossfire

Jon Stewart Mocks the Idea That He Could Have Stopped Trump

Jon Stewart Remembers Steve Carell’s ‘Catch and Release’ Moment With John McCain in 2000

‘Nobody Asked Donald Trump What Makes America Great’: Jon Stewart Dishes on Election

Jon Stewart Goes to His Thanksgiving Happy Place to Cope With Trump’s Big Win

‘He’s Worse!’: Jon Stewart Pops Up on Colbert to Rip Trump, Get People to Vote

Jon Stewart Takes Us Back to Simpler Times When Trump Was Fighting Him on Twitter

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