State of the Union

Jake Tapper Confronts Dem Congresswoman Over Tweet Calling Gen. John Kelly an ‘Extremist’

Scaramucci on Whether Trump Needs More ‘Restraint’: He’s Not Changing Because He’s 71 Years Old

Scaramucci Defends Trump’s Pardon Tweet: ‘He’s the President of the United States’

Scaramucci Wants Cameras Back On at WH Pressers: ‘I Love the Hair and Makeup Person We Had’

Scaramucci Battles Tapper Over Russia: Trump’s Still Not Sold That Russia Hacked the Election

Adam Schiff on Partnering With Russia on Cyber Security: ‘Just Mail Our Ballot Boxes to Moscow’

Former Def Sec Carter: Teaming With Putin on Cyber Security Like Working With Guy ‘Who Robbed Your House’

John Kasich Says He’s ‘Against’ the Senate Health Care Bill: ‘I Don’t Think the Bill Is Adequate’

Adam Schiff: Obama Made a ‘Very Serious Mistake’ By Not Acting Against Russia Earlier

Bernie Sanders: ‘It Was Distressing’ To Find Out Congressional Shooter Was a Campaign Volunteer

Marco Rubio on Possibility of Trump Firing Mueller: ‘That’s Not Going to Happen’

‘No One in Ohio Is Asking About Russia’: Nina Turner Says Voters Care More About ‘Jobs’

Lindsey Graham Reacts to Kushner Report: ‘I Don’t Trust This Story as Far as I Can Throw It’

Ex-DNI James Clapper: ‘Our Institutions Are Under Assault’ by President Trump

Chuck Schumer Wants Sessions Investigated Over Comey Firing: ‘He Seems to be Violating’ His Recusal

‘Oh, Kill Me’: Samantha Bee Reacts When Asked if She’s Considering Running for Office

Pelosi Refuses to Denounce Congressman for Making Crude Joke About Kellyanne Conway

Jake Tapper: White House ‘Declined Our Offer’ to Discuss Investigation Into Trump-Russia Ties

‘No, He Doesn’t Have a Point’: Bernie Reacts to Trump Saying DNC Chair Race Was ‘Rigged’

CNN Claps Back After Kellyanne Conway Disputes Network Passed on Interview Over ‘Credibility’ Issues

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