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Trevor Noah Responds to French Ambassador’s Angry Letter After Joking Africa Won World Cup Instead of France

Trevor Noah Blasts Trump’s ‘Wouldn’t’ Clarification: ‘Get The F**k Outta Here!’

Trevor Noah Hits ‘KFC Agent’ Trump: He Put His Foot Down ‘Right on America’s D*ck’

Jon Stewart Delivers Fiery Message to Trump: Everything You Do Comes With An ‘Extra Layer of Gleeful Cruelty’

Trevor Noah Blasts Media For Hyping Up SCOTUS ‘Battle’: Democrats Have ‘No Way To Stop’ Trump’s Pick

Trevor Noah Reacts to Justice Kennedy’s Retirement: ‘In Some Ways, It Feels Like All Hope is Dead’

Bill Clinton: I Have ‘A Lot Of Respect’ For Sarah Sanders For How She Handled Being Booted From Red Hen

Clinton Tells Trevor Noah What He’s Learned From #MeToo: I Can’t React to ‘Raw Pain’ of Reliving Something From 20 Years Ago

The Daily Show Analyzes CNN Panel Discussions: ‘Their Priority is Producing a Sh*t Show’

Trevor Noah Slams DHS Sec Nielsen For Saying ‘We’re a Country of Compassion’: ‘That’s Some Bullsh*t’

Trevor Noah Mocks Bill Clinton’s Book Tour: ‘You Know Who I Really Feel Bad For? James Patterson’

Daily Show Confronts 2018 Hannity Praising Trump-Kim Summit With 2013 Hannity Bashing Obama

Trevor Noah: ‘He Proved Everyone Wrong’ With The Summit… I’m Talking About Kim Jong Un

Cynthia Nixon Dismisses Hillary Clinton’s Cuomo Endorsement For NY Gov As ‘Establishment’: We Aren’t Afraid

Trevor Noah Goes After CNN’s Jim Acosta For Trashing Kim Kardashian’s WH Visit: ‘Really?’

Trevor Noah Blasts Trump Over ‘Total Bulls**t’ Spygate: ‘Even People On Fox News Are Calling Him Out!’

Trevor Noah Defends Trump From Recent ‘Misleading Stories’ on Immigration: He ‘Didn’t Lose 1,500 Kids’

Terry Crews Opens Up About His Alleged Assaulter: ‘Success is the Warmest Place to Hide’

Trevor Noah: North Korea is ‘Screwing’ Trump So Hard, ‘It’s Gonna Cost Them $130,000’

Trevor Noah Mocks Michael Cohen’s ‘Solo Side Hustle’: Companies Got Tricked By This ‘Nigerian Prince Scam’

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