The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper Confronts Trump Die-Hards at the Million MAGA March: ‘You’re Four Years Too Late!’


The election may be over, but The Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper is still confronting President Donald Trump’s biggest fans.

Klepper joined the estimated 10,000 protesters at the “self-proclaimed and self-counted” Million MAGA March this weekend — facing off with those who are convinced Trump won the 2020 election.

He first found a couple in matching “Trump 202o” hats who explained they were at the march “to celebrate the winning of Donald Trump.”

“You’re four years too late!” Klepper shot back — a concept that the couple struggled to understand.

After trolling a few other fans, The Daily Show correspondent discovered that Trump supporters all have one thing in common: They struggle with numbers.

“Can no one in the MAGA world count?” Klepper asked after several encounters with confused protesters — one even having trouble counting past one.

“Are you guys the liberal media?” a woman dressed head to toe in MAGA apparel asked Klepper. “I have one word for you: You are controlled by the deep state … fuck you!”

Klepper noted that she actually said closer to 10 words than one

“I have one word for you, Fake News, fuck you!” she later shouted into his camera, while Klepper was behind her pointing out that the sentence still has more than one word.

Face to face with several extremely large Trump flags, Klepper also determined that size doesn’t matter — “it’s how many votes you get in the electoral college system.”

He later saw a Confederate flag with “Trump 2020” written on it — breaking some bad news to the flag-waver: “Buddy, you don’t know how to pick a winner. You might as well put a Jets hat on.”

Watch above, via YouTube.

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